Friday, January 31, 2014

Ceelin Plus

The best - that's what every mother want for her offsprings. That's the reason I personally choose to breastfeed baby for six exclusively months. That's the reason I still breastfeed him today. That's the reason I'll let him wean on his own. And that's the reason I'm giving him vitamin C aside from his staple Nutri-10 multivitamins.
beaten and torned - this box of vitamin C was one of my to-buy-list again next time we hit the mall :)
Baby loves the smell and taste of his vitamin C. Yes, he smells it first before smacking the spoon to the last drop!
Vitamin C is more effective when taken with zinc because it acts like mortar and plaster to the hollow blocks which are the vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, making them much more effective and efficient when it comes to fortifying the immune system!
I'll end up this post with a video from Ceelin!
Copy paste the link below to watch :)

Have a nice and healthy day moms and babes! <3

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