Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baby's Top 5 Today

1) I smell competition between the first two boy apos (grandchildren) and my hunch is true enough I didn't let them out of my site. On these photos where my mom and dad (the lolo and lola - grandparents) and in between them are their apos - Jerson Clyde and Aljei. Baby Clyde seemed amaze and at awe at LJ (short for Al-jei), he's left his mouth hanging most of the time.
2) Baby JC always want to play with Aljei.image
3) He just wants to do every single thing that LJ do, like playing on the phone, tablet, computer, even driving his "kariton" (toy car).image
4) JC cries whenever LJ has to bid his farewell.image
5) They have a love-hate relationship most because they want their lolo to praise and recognise them.
Two silly boys - I love them. <3

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