Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm Guilty of Being a Critic

It should always be done my way - it usually is good, I'm the one doing my research and assignments, but, honestly, sometimes... I mean most of the times, it is not good. Whenever hubby do the bathing, I always ask if the water is warm enough, he needs to use the freshly pressed clothes, not the freshly dried. That the baby have his own towel and he should not replace ours instead. That he should make sure all the things - from clothes, powder, towel, lotion and bed is set before taking the baby to bath. I am sometimes hard on him especially when it comes to our baby and I'm guilty about it. I'm just happy that he is patient with me.
I know the hubby is just trying to help with the baby, have a part of our baby's first year and apparently I'm always there ready to correct him. There's a point when he lose his confidence on taking care of our baby, became reluctant to move and initiate while I get more frustrated and resents him for not doing his share of responsibility.
I did made him feel a little less important when it comes to our baby, and good thing I grew out of it. I let the mundane things shrug off my shoulders, unless it's about our baby's general health and safety (remember, I'm the one doing the research) I now let him do his parenting his own way. As always, breastfeeding is "me and baby time", so I let him took care of babe when he can so he could have his own "me and baby time"! It was quite hard but the longer we do it, it became a ritual. Now, as I previously mention in one of my Baby's Top 5 Today is that bath time is our quality time together - the three of us. Just playing and having a good time!
That's it for my rambling... To end this post on a lighter note, here is a picture of the past about 8 years ago. When our baby is still in the stork's baby factory...

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