Sunday, January 5, 2014

Metro Market Reward Card Gifts

We finally entered the year 2014 safe with complete fingers, this is also the last week for my sister's wedding preparation - the real reason I lack posts! Cakes, flowers and every bits and pieces, DIYs and all RSVP'd replied, I think I'm ready for my little sister's big day! So today, I decided to just stay at home, skip the errands and just do the rest tomorrow because today is my window to blog and relax my too excited nerves - you'll know why very soon ;)
It's so convenient to have a mall as a neighbor, right? Aside from having to get what you need in just one ride away, being "loyal" will give you rewards :) Just like these goodies we bought home as an exchange for  our reward card's accumulative points. The points are equal to the rounded up amount of the product, like if its Php399.95 its 400 points. Take note that Php200.00 equals 1 point, and we accumulated 1178 points equals  Php235,6000.00 worth of grocery and shopping - I really think we deserve a reward! ;)
4 boxes of Lilies 4 pieces 5" bowls
Eternity long drink glasses
Hanabishi Duo Fan
Gibson Everyday Silverware
Can't wait to have chicken soup party this coming rainy season! hehe Aside from consuming all our points, we renewed our Metro Market Reward Card for free! ;)

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