Friday, February 6, 2015

Johnson's #SoMuchMore Campaign

Today, I would like to share to you the new advocate of Johnson & Johnson -  the "Di Lang Ligo ang Ligo" (Bath time is not just bath time), a campaign for multi-sensorial stimulation during bath time for happy, healthy baby development.

Ms. Rica Peralejo hosted the Johnson's #SoMuchMore Campaign at R Space Events Venue.

We were always looking forward on JC's bath time. I'm so happy to know that we are doing things the right way, which means, making bath time a quality time. I learned from the talks that bath time is so much more than cleansing. It gives parents (yes, moms and dads should both participate in this activity. In our case, it's either him or me, and sometimes both!) precious opportunity to bond hence giving little babies powerful and long-term impact on their milestones and development! Yes, unbelievable as it may seem, this claim is based on Johnson's Global Bath Time Report conducted on seven key countries including Brazil, Canada, China, India, UK, US and Philippines. 96% of the 500 Filipino parent participants believe that bath time is so much more than just cleaning the baby yet ironically Philippines has the least bath time duration of 15minutes against global average of 23 minutes. Maybe it's because we bathe our kids 3x a day sometimes as we are a tropical country after all said Ms. Rica, I let out a huge sigh of relief.

I'm quite a researcher and I knew already about how "haplos" (touch of love, skin to skin contact, exclusive breastfeeding) is important in making babies gain weight and be a happy camper. What I learned new about is how to avoid a crying-bath-time session with newborns. They cry without tears while jerking away their extremities during bath time and new parents cringe all the way through and that is also based on my experience with Jerson Clyde. Now I'm quite ready for Jerson David (it's a boy!) as I now know how to make bath time so much more even on newborn stage!

4-Step Newborn Bathing Ritual -Calms the baby's senses to help him feel more safe and secure.
Newborn bath time using 4 four of Johnson's Baby products.

Step1: Massage baby with JOHNSON'S Baby Oil to leave a warm protective barrier on his skin.
Ms. Rica showing us how to swaddle.

Step2: Wrap baby in a swaddle to mimic the feeling of the baby while inside the mother's womb. This will make him feel safe and secure as you lower him down in a tub of lukewarm water. Using JOHNSON's Top-to-Toe Wash, start cleaning baby's face first, and then slowly unwrap him to clean his body. This ensures that he isn't stripped of his skin's natural moisture.

Step3: Rinse baby and dry. Lock in the moisture with JOHNSON'S Baby Pink Lotion.
Step4: Apply JOHNSON'S Baby Powder on baby's body, including the nappy area, to protect him from irritation-causing wetness and keep him comfortable.

The newborn bath time basics - baby oil, top-to-toe wash, baby lotion and baby powder.

Research has shown that bath time is actually a great opportunity to stimulate baby’s senses because it is a time when babies’ senses are very much alive. Further studies prove that multisensory stimulation can strongly aid in promoting happy and healthy baby development.  With this in mind, JOHNSON’S® paves the way for a brighter future for Filipino babies by educating parents on the role of sensorial stimulation during the bath time ritual, which can lead to happy, healthy baby development.

Johnson’s Philippines shares “Di Lang Ligo ang Ligo”
“As the world gradually expands for a baby, the role of parents in supporting early positive experiences and growth through stimulation is of utmost importance. A complete and healthy baby care ritual firstly involves optimally-formulated products to enhance a baby’s skin barrier, while maximizing these moments to promote positive physical and cognitive growth. This is made possible through our TRIPLE BABY PROTECTION™ present in every JOHNSON’S® product, which is our commitment to providing care that combines safety, mildness and effectiveness to support babies’ healthy skin development,” shares Mrs. Trina Tanlapco, JOHNSON’S® Franchise Marketing Manager. “Through the SO MUCH MORE™ campaign we also hope to inspire parents nationwide to make bath time mean so much more and spend more quality time during bath time, not only to provide a delightful experience for her child, but to optimize these precious moments for their healthy development,” she adds.

The global campaign, SO MUCH MORE™, is about enhancing rituals, including bath time, to stimulate baby’s senses and provide parents an opportunity to nurture baby’s ability to learn, think, love and grow. “We are very serious about our goals and are taking our commitment an additional step further by showing the power of multi-sensorial experiences in daily rituals, such as bath time. What this means for us in the Global Franchise Organization is that every JOHNSON’S® product is specially designed with baby in mind and meets our BEST FOR BABY™ standards, which is backed by the best science,” shares Michael Wasden, Senior Marketing Manager, JOHNSON’S® Global Franchise Organization.

Whenever I see Johnson's products, I remember babies - my toddler years and Jerson Clyde.
Now that I'm on my second trimester of my pregnancy, I'm looking forward on hoarding yet a bunch of Johnson's product for both my toddler and newborn. Check out my Johnson's Mini Haul for then newborn, JC here.

We encourage moms and dads to spend more quality time with their babies, especially during bath time. Make bath time mean so much more. To know more about Johnson’s and how you can enhance your baby’s bath time experience, visit

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