Saturday, February 14, 2015

Make Your Own Dream Book Workshop

I’m a pen and paper type of person. Someone who loves to doodle using colored gel pens, compose unpublished songs and poems, jot down daily tasks, reminders and plan everything ahead on paper. But sometimes, ready-made planners or journals that are readily available lessens our freedom to design our own and express our thoughts by being creative.
That’s why Memory Crafters and CraftCreate thought of having a meaningful workshop entitled Make Your Own Dream Book. A DIY kind of journal wherein you can pick a fabric to cover your dream book and prettify by filling it up with your lifelong goals and dreams. In that way, you’ll always remember all the things you’ve had from the past. May it be adding a daily photo, quotes, scribbles or treat it as your diary. It’s even more special because you made it with the hopes of your dreams to be fulfilled.
Make Your Own Dream Book
With this, we would like to invite you to be part of our first workshop this year! Make Your Own Dream Book will be the first workshop for the whole-day event on February 28, 2015 at Scarsdale S&R Shaw, 9:00 am – 12:00 nn. Workshop kits, modules and light snacks will be served!

About the Speaker

Catherine Santos is a Mass Communications major in Film and Audio Visual Arts in UP Diliman. She worked in a video production house then in a graphic design company. In between, Katsy and her mom had a homebased business where they make flower arrangements using paper, dried leaves and twigs and they supply these to specialty shops and exporter. After that stint, she held a marketing and merchandising hob for SAFFY, an NGO that promotes fair-traded handicrafts.
She missed the vibe of having her own business. So, she ventured on her own again and decided to put up a a new business named CraftCreate, a designing and trading handcrafted home décor and supplying stores that cater to tourists, expats and balikbayans. She also started Handmade Manila to make an outlet for her projects that don’t quite fit in to the product line of CraftCreate. It also serves as an outlet for some crafter friends who want to sell their crafts and products. She also join bazaars and have been a regular seller in the bazaar circut since 2004.
Workshop Rates:
Regular Rate: 1,200
Early Bird Rate: 900
Group Rate: 800 per person (Group of 3)
*Fees include the workshop kit, food and drinks!
(If you sign up use this Referral Code: YWCMCDB1) so they will know that you learned the workshop from this blog.

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