Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wipe the Slate Clean: Your spring-cleaning guide for 2015

There is something powerful about starting the year off fresh. All over the world, spring-cleaning in different cultures is as much about self-renewal as a de-cluttered home. Both dirt and bad luck is swept away to make room for more blessings and good fortune. Moms often anticipate this season, as it gives them a chance to start anew and give their families the best of everything. Ring in 2015 fresh & clear with these simple tips.

Tidy house, tidy life.  Physical clutter begets mental clutter; so clean out your closets and assess your belongings. Donate, recycle, or toss out what you don’t need. Make it fun and get your kids involved to teach them the values of donating and recycling. Clearing out your closets at the beginning of the year will leave room for new things to come in 2015.

Unpack your emotional baggage. Life may have served you a series of ups and downs thus far but with the new year, you have the perfect opportunity to write a better chapter on a brand new page. Find time to reflect on the year that was with love, and look forward to the coming one with hope. Try new things with your family to strengthen your bond. It can be as simple as setting weekly family movie nights or planning out your summer getaways.

Eat healthy, eat clean. Improve your life one meal at a time by committing to clean & healthy eating. Stock your pantry with only nourishing food. Having the right ingredients and supplies ready at hand will help you stay on track. Get your kids involved in grocery shopping and make healthy snacks and packed lunches available to encourage them to make good food choices early on. But aside from the meals, make sure you also keep them hydrated with only the safest and purest water that mothers trust.

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