Friday, February 20, 2015

Python Visit

Prony is a Philippine reticulated python that is self-developed and trained. It was captured in 1996 weighing 5kilos already with a length of 5feet. In 2005, it was over 280kilos with a length of 27feet and 34inches wide.
Unfortunately, as you could see from the photo above, the biggest and largest captivated snake died last year. This snake, that could only be found in Albuquerque is now preserved in this shrine.
If you decided to drop by here, your stop would still be worth it as they also shelter different kinds of animals and to replace Prony, they now have two snakes of different species. Their skin was so smooth Clyde can't stop touching them! :P
Also, this site won't be complete without the famous tarsiers of Bohol and to compensate the absence of live tarsiers, they have this big tarsier wall where you could pose as a tarsier yourself. I like this even better than the ones in the Tarsier Observatory!
The cutest tarsier of my life! :P
Tarsiers are famed for being the smallest monkey with large eyes. Mine has small slits for eyes! lol

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