Monday, February 2, 2015

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle

"If it smoothens 3 months of damage in 3 minutes… it's more than a conditioner. It must be a miracle."
I was thinking of chopping off my mane again to prep myself for the coming babe in addition to my toddler, housework and freelance job... But not anymore.
You see, when your hands are full, especially when you're a work-at-home, no-helpers mom, you tend to forget your extra vanity time, if there's such a thing and I bet there is. You'll be fine with the norm and your beauty rituals for 1hour or so became so little, you wrap yourself up with a maximum of 10minutes or less especially when the babe disrupts his sleep or the toddler was having a tantrum moment. Yes, the struggle is real!
One of the most negligible part of the body is the hair! You are busy, tangle it up on a messy bun and comb your hair later, when you find time, on queue and whenever you didn't forgot to bring a comb - besides it should be a member of a woman's pouch, unless the toddler make some changes, yeah. So how bad is it? Frizzy, like toasty branches of a long dead tree. Dry, after bath prone to itchiness causing scratching resulting to damaged, dandruff-prone scalp. Super-oily, sticking to my face kind of hair the next day before bath, popping my balloon of hope of voluminous hair into a gust of angst. Brushing gives me headache thanks to my tangled hair. Medusa-inspired split ends, very fashionable-not. And the thing that never ends is the hairfall making me look like Davika in Peemak's scene where he discovered his wife's body and hugged it. That being said, my hair is actually anything but healthy and so I thought that chopping it off to "start all over AGAIN" (chopped it a couple of months ago for the same reason) and "rekindle my glorious gorgeous hair days" was the only way. Since I don't usually have time for a long relaxing bath time, what more for a saloon?
Those, and my wrong notion of skipping conditioner to avoid oily hair. Yes, I was that naive and blind until I discovered Pantene! I know Pantene's been there for the longest time but I just tried it last year and I did fell in love with it but honestly didn't stick to it (because of, read the first sentence of this paragraph). Never thought the best would be this better! And oh, before anything else, Thank you BDJ Box for the glamorous girly girl love!
This product undergone road test right after delivery.
First impression, witwiw *sexy whistle* the package is sleek. Sexy, sophisticated, gold. The lustrous package promises lustrous hair. ;)
The smell was heavenly delightful, relaxing even. Not super fragrance-y, just a hint of luxury - berries and vanilla.
The texture is smooth, soft, creamy but not entirely viscous. Just enough for the hair to easily absorbed.
My naturally straight hair is straighter.
After first wash, my hair's overall appearance and texture improves. It's tangle free, smooth to touch, softly scented. I think having this could
Tip: If time is limited, start your bath by wetting hair, shampoo, rinse and then apply Pantene 3MM before moving along...
Tip: If you're like me who plays music as timer, one love song is more or less 3minutes.
This product claims it has improved conditioning agent and advanced terminal amino silicones that protects hair inside out hence effectively smoothens out hair's 3months damage in just 3minutes.
No wonder Cosmopolitan is beauty-crushing on this new Pantene 3-minute miracle conditioner!
My life is a crazy ride on a daily basis and I can't wait to get it even more crazy with the bun coming out of the oven! Good thing there are products like Pantene 3 Minute Miracle - smart, effective, efficient! ;)
Once again, thank you BDJ Box for choosing me as one of the first to try this Cosmopolitan Beauty Crush!
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