Sunday, November 1, 2015

An Afternoon of Motts Ph at the Earth Kitchen, BGC

I am so blessed to have Clyde love the right food at the early stage. He loves to smell his plate before digging in. He request for green leafy vegetables like kangkong, dahon ng camote, and snack on buttered baguio beans, baby corns as he called it and this.
Clyde before he turns 1-year-old
I attended the event with my #ebf babe, Dave and Mamala Ellen, and I knew we were in for a treat. We were about to unravel the secret behind Mott's 100% Apple Juice!
Aside from learning history of Motts success in producing #applelicious apple juice drink, we were also presented simple recipes from Registered Nutritionist-Dietician Ms. Cheshire Que including
Perry Pancake
Popcorn Cluster
If you want to know more about the recipes Ms. Que shared to us, I will be willing to send you a copy! Just message me or comment down below! #sharingiscaring

We also had fun in putting up a creative concept while recycling Motts Apple Juice plastic containers 
Entries from the Motts Apple Creative Game
One Winning Entry - A Mommy Mundo Hawaiian dancer, Mommy Janice Villanueva is the Motts Philippine Brand Ambassador.
Trusted by moms, #mottsph is more than just an#applelicious drink, it has #mottsgoodness for our health too. Check the reason behind the cliché "An applea day, keeps the doctor away!" here  motts
Having said that, we are training him to choose wisely when it comes to his choices including food and drink.
Have an #applelicious snack and grab a scrumptious apple, but if you can't, don't fret, just grab a @mottsph 100% #applejuice!

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