Wednesday, November 18, 2015

ExpoMom2015 Finds: Seven Seas Fruit Gummies!

Have I told you guys that Clyde loves his veggies? Yes. And he will trade his chocolate for fruits especially grapes, apples and oranges?! And that when we are giving him his vitamins and when his sick, his cough syrup, he would cry very loud because he wants more?
It's a good thing we now incorporate with him three kinds of multivitamins everyday! Ceelin plus for Vitamin C, Nutri10Plus and now this, Seven Seas Fruit Gummies.
Seven Seas Fruit Gummies orange flavor is a food supplement with Vitamin D and Calcium. The best part about this vitamins is that it's chewable, and based on how he wants to eat this in one sitting, it's delicious! I add this to conclude Clyde's Nutri10plus.
Every serving of 1 gummy gives 10 kcal of energy, 2.2g of carbohydrate, 0.2g of protein, 62.5mg of calcium and 10 iu of Vitamin D3. 
This is definitely a very fun, creative and tasty way to provide an active child's body its daily Vitamin D and Calcium nutrients. Now, making him drink his vitamins is as easy as chewing his favorite pie!

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