Sunday, November 15, 2015


Hello! Hello, my name's Dibo! Another MBF episode with an impromptu poem I created awhile back about Mothering:
Our Neighborhood’s Skyline
 In this silhouette of my life, I am more than a woman and a wife. I am a mum.
In this silhouette of my life, there are two angels I called sons. Rough knees, tough love.
In this silhouette of my life, I will never be perfect, but I promise you my sons, I will be a #supermom.
In the stride of my breast I will nourish you.
In the arch of my back, I will carry you.
In the last of my breath, I will love you.
I exclusively breastfed Clyde for 6 months, and within these months, I more than once (every time we visited his clinic for monthly vaccine) asked his Pediatrician on what kind of multivitamins he would recommend. He checks him up and said "Mommy, since exclusive breastfeeding ka and baby Clyde is within normal range, okay lang kahit wala ka ng ibigay na vitamins, for now." (More about breastfeeding, here.) Everything went well, he is basically healthy (sabi ni doc, it's okay magka-sipon as long as no cough; water, rest and breastmilk lang ang need ni baby)and he is developing well in accordance to the general milestones per month. Since, I breastfeed, I religiously took my vitamins including iron and calcium. I also became aware of what I eat, I opt for more nutritious meals, while staying away from cola, chips and of course, alcohol. Then I introduced him to solids, medyo nagle-less na 'yung pagbreastfeed niya while he is becoming more independent. It is nice to know that he is inclined in eating the right kind of food like broccoli, olives, basil, grapes (to count a few of his favorite choices) but then again, sometimes, no, scratch that, most of the time, the food he eats is still not enough.
Even before Wert Philippines send this over (Thank you Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Wert!), my toddler already is a Nutri10plus kid. Aside from the taste, we choose to use this as his daily multivitamins because of its nutritional value.Kids have different needs when it comes to nutrients compared to adult because they are in the stage called rapid growth and their developing bodies needs complete nutrition, that's why aside from proper food, right amount of sleep and enough water intake, it is vital to boost their immune system by giving them the right kind of multivitamins.
Aside from vitamins and minerals, Nutri10Plus is packed with active ingredients including:
  • Taurine - 25mg/5ml, good for the heart and developing bones, eyes and nervous system. To actively play around, our kids need a good heart, eyesight, strong muscles and brain power.
  • CFG - 100mg/5ml, aside from depending on genetic DNA, now we could do something about their height. Chlorella Growth Factor encourages normal growth without adverse side effect.
  • Zinc - 6.8mg/5ml, taking multivitamins without zinc is like putting up hollow blocks without the fill, the reinforcing bars and plastering. Zinc is important to solidify the vitamins and minerals of the body to create a wall of defense against potential threats, hence avoiding diseases, especially on this stage where kids are susceptible to.
  • Lysine - 300mg/5ml, essential in bone structure development that the body cannot produce, hence can only be taken in food or supplement.

Clyde is one happy healthy toddler, and I am happy to see that he is ready for his everyday discovery of life and his surroundings because he is supported by Nutri10Plus' Active Energy supplement.
I learned the meaning of unconditional love the moment I became a mom, and that includes giving the best we could out of the resources we have, be it breastfeeding, hands-on parenting,up to mundane things like religiously giving Nutri10Plus!
Again, thank you so much Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Werts Philippines for sending this over, just in time since Clyde is already at the bottom of his Nutri10Plus. :)
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