Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jollitown Build and Craft Blocks

Jolly kids will get jolly joyful in every Jolly Joy Box with Jollibee Kids Meal’s Jollitown Build and Craft Blocks—a sure way for kids to get creative in making their own toy house.
Kids will have two exciting reasons to be extra jolly as Jollibee Kids Meal launches its latest toy offering, the Jollitown Build and Craft Blocks and its newest breakfast offering that kids will surely enjoy—the 2-piece ChocoNut Pancakes with regular pineapple juice, all in the first-ever Jolly Joy Box interactive packaging.
The ChocoNut pancake is Jollibee’s latest breakfast offering for kids, available until January 31 only.
For a limited time, Jolly kids will be delighted with chocolate and peanut pancakes that includes build toys and craft blocks that tickles the young mind. Energy packed breakfast and an educational versatile toy all in one go!
Jollitown Build and Craft Blocks feature Super Shapers, Jolly Stamper, and Fun Tracer—three sets of colorful blocks and pieces that kids can play with to build different structures using their creativity and imagination. For the Super Shapers, little artists can press a button on the side of the pen tower to reveal the pen tip. They can use this to trace stencil images onto paper. They can also slide their picture in the photo frame slot while the other container can be used as a desk calendar. The two boxes can also be used as an organizer. With the Jolly Stamper, kid designers can decorate their own Jollitown memo pad using the stamper with two stamp design plates. Pressing a button on top of the tower will also activate a light to reveal Hetty’s image. Using the Fun Tracer, kids can easily trace Jollibee’s face onto paper by turning on a switch to project an image of everyone’s best friend. They can also display photos at the back slots and use the two main boxes as organizer.
For a bigger and more exciting play time experience, kids can collect and connect all three (3) toy sets to assemble their very own Jollitown house while enjoying the interactive games on the Jolly Joy Box that they have come to love and enjoy.
imageWith the Fun Tracer, kids will enjoy tracing a projected image of Jollibee. They can also use the containers as organizers.
imageThe Jolly Stamper has two stamp designs that let kids decorate the Jollitown memo pad included in this toy set.
imageKids can use the Super Shapers to trace images. They can use the photo frame to showcase their pictures, while the other container can be used as a desk calendar.
Collect all three (3) Jollitown Build and Craft Blocks in the first-ever Jolly Joy Box with your favorite Jollibee Kids Meal treats: Jolly Spaghetti (P90), Yumburger (P91), 1-piece Chickenjoy (P117), and the new 2-piece ChocoNut Pancakes (P95) for breakfast. All meals come with a regular pineapple juice.
Collect and connect all three toy offerings to build your own Jollitown house. Let kids enjoy a more fun, creative and interactive learning experience this holiday season with the Jollitown Build and Craft Blocks, available from December 1 to January 31 only!

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