Saturday, September 12, 2015

ATC Garlic Oil

Supertaster, At Risk for Hypertension
Ever heard about a “supertaster”? If you ever find comfort in salty snacks or reaching for salt to sprinkle on your every meal, then you might just be one. A supertaster is someone who experiences all the tastes more intensely than other people do. And while the supertasters have the gift of needing less fat or sugar to satisfy taste buds, they’re more likely to choose a high-sodium diet.
We all know too well that sodium can trigger hypertension, stroke and heart attack. If you’re a supertaster or just an individual whose love for salty foods is unquestionable then let ATC Garlic Oil help you be on track. Along with a balanced diet and exercise, ATC Garlic Oil helps prevent hypertension and heart disease by regulating cholesterol levels and blood pressure in the body.
So for the supertasters out there, ATC Garlic Oil, ang mabisang aksyon kontra altapresyon!

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