Wednesday, September 16, 2015

MBF: Deep

Anong deep? Ewan ko rin. ;p
My #sexyback isn't #flawless anymore, but I am more than #happy about it- I feel #blessed.
This is my post heart surgery scar - 7 years after. It's like a #tattoo, a #symbol of #secondlife, myself as a#survivor.
September is Heart Awareness Month. Be ready to protect your heart from breaking.
Read my #PangakoSaPuso story here:

I'm walking slowly, careful in my pace. Taking my time to get up when I fall down again. With skidded knees and will on my head,
I'm moving and I promise to move forward. Steadying my breath, eyes on the prize, I tread, and stride, and I go forward.
Absolutely. Read here.
Blow the stresses away,
Pamper your tresses your way...
Clyde and Dave.
Serendipity in this troubled imperiled chaos called life. #Sunday ∆∆∆
On trusting guts and keeping myself calm while watching better things fall into their rightful places -
Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out.
Bakit daw hindi ko iwan? I-bottle feed ko daw. Sanaying wala ako...
I wear my kids, do exclusive breastfeeding, bring them everywhere I go, because I'm a mom.
Truth be told, nights are long, but years? Years are short.
Ambilis, dati I have a love-hate relationship with my#braxtonhicks, ngaun 3 years old na si Clyde, may little brother Dave pa. See?
I want to be with them and share them everything -including my time.
To witness all their firsts, because next thing I know, they'll be in College, or better yet, creating their own sets of families.
of course we do what's best for our kids, and that "best" also depends on our circumstances. Just to clarify, this post isn't meant to attack corporate working moms specially not the single moms - i sympathize the hardships. smile emoticon im merely stating my sentiments behind my perogative and decision to continue what im doing.#wahm
Thank God for #perspective.
"Sad to see a beautiful flower loosing her petals. But there's something beautiful about a wilting flower holding onto her petals."
Throwback: When free summer workshops were offered to us, i attended the radio electronic workshop where we get to create our very own radio (yay!) instead of choosing the baking class (where all of the girls are). #girlygirlbutoneoftheboys And
Now: I'm wondering why I don't know how to cook/bake? unsure emoticon #girlygirlbutoneoftheboysproblem
Future: the promise i made to myself-to bake for my boys. smile emoticon #passion #mommyduties
#lifewithkids #family #familylife
Now: Kitchen area including breakfast nook/wine bar on #renovation. Note: buntis pa ako, nagpapalaman na ako ng hollowblocks sa kitchen island.#underconstruction #DIYrenovation
Connection sa photo? Meron ba? Baka #gerilenmbf lang?
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Yay! Tulog na si Dave. #goodnight
#nursing #ebf

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