Monday, September 21, 2015

NATIONAL KIDS’ INNOVATION DAY Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the National Kids’ Innovation Day or NKID?
A: The National Kids’ Innovation Day is an occasion led by Wyeth Nutrition that promotes the importance of nurturing the value of innovation in children. It represents the advocacy of the company to help propel the spirit of innovativeness and drive meaningful innovations toward nurturing healthier generations.
  1. What is Wyeth Nutrition’s vision for NKID?
A: Our vision is to celebrate the spirit of innovativeness in children and drive innovations in the country through the NKID, supported by the Filipino citizenry.
  1. What is the Search for the Wyeth Nutrition Kid Innovators?
A: The nationwide Search for the Wyeth Nutrition Kid Innovators is an advocacy that aims to recognize outstanding kid innovators and their achievements, and celebrate their exciting journey to innovation, to encourage and inspire more children to unleash the power of their curiosity.
  1. Who can participate in the Search?
A: The search is open to all students aged 9 to 14, grades 4 to 8, who may participate alone or in groups of two to five (2-5) members.
  1. How can I submit my project as an entry to the search?
 A: Participant/s shall submit a written brief and a simple video presentation of an innovative science-related project that they produced as an academic requirement or personal initiative, duly endorsed by the Science Department Head of the school. Submission shall be made via email to on or before April 1, 2016.
The video, with a maximum length of three minutes, shall provide a demonstration of the invention, while the written brief shall contain the following information:
  • Who is/are the participant/s and the adviser?
  • What is the invention called?
  • What is its purpose and use/s?
  • Who can benefit from the invention and how?
  • What inspired you to create the invention?
  • How was it developed (process)?
 What kind of science projects can I submit?
A: Participant/s may submit any innovative science-related project.
  1. How will the entries be judged?
A: Entries will be judged based on Innovativeness and Functionality (40%), Resourcefulness and Creativity (30%), Social Relevance (20%) and Overall Presentation (10%).
  1. Can I submit science projects from previous years?
A: The project must have been undertaken within the period of three years preceding the submission of entry.
  1. Can we submit more than one project?
A: Because we want to give equal opportunity to all students/schools who will participate in the Search, only one (1) entry per participant or group is allowed.
  1. There are 7 of us in a group. Can we participate in the Search?
A: Entries may be submitted individually or in groups of two to five (2-5) members.
  1. Can I belong to more than one group?
A: To give equal chance to all participants, a participant may only be part of one (1) group during the competition.
  1. What prizes can we win?
A: Winning teams will each receive a cash prize of One Hundred Thousand Pesos (P100,000.00) and trophy. The schools of each winning team will also receive a Science & Technology Showcase worth One Hundred Thousand Pesos (P100,000.00).
 When is the deadline for submissions?
A: Students who wish to participate may submit their entries on or before April 1, 2016.
  1. When will the winners of the Search be announced?
A: After careful deliberation, the top three (3) submissions/winners will be notified by a Wyeth Nutrition representative via electronic and direct mail. All winners will be formally recognized and awarded during the National Kids’ Innovation Day 2016.
  1. Is the Search for Wyeth Nutrition Kid Innovators a yearly activity?
A: Wyeth envisions the National Kids’ Innovation Day to become an official observance of innovation in children. Accordingly, the Search for Wyeth Nutrition Kid Innovators, which is a highlight of NKID in inspiring innovation among children, will also be an annual activity.

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