Wednesday, September 2, 2015

OPENSNAP Sbarro, Taguig

Fresh Italian Cooking. Sbarro truly brings and caters instant Italian dishes from huge slices of pizza to creamy delicious pasta! Things I simply like about Sbarro:
Simple, modern interior including good lighting. Huge wall decors as tip-off advertisement? Smart.
Freshly made pizza. What I really anticipate to see in Sbarro are the tossing-the-dough moments.
Baked Ziti. Be it white sauce or red sauce, Sbarro's baked ziti is constant when it comes to firmness, plus the single serving size is good for two (at least in my case, it's me and my toddler.)
Special mention: Sbarro's extraordinary condiments like dried oregano and basil.
We love the dried basil! Clyde loves to drizzle everything with it - like snow falling from the sky. He even dip a single ziti, entirely covering the whole thing with it before swallowing it!
Garlic Bread is indeed a garlic bread. I love the noticeable bits of garlic, the smell of garlic and the distinct sting of garlic - as my toddler would describe it, he still eats his portion of hot bread anyway.
Sbarro Pizza aka Stuffed Pizza! Our all-time favorite? Chicago White and Mushroom and Herb Pizza.

Remember, problems are occasional, pizzas are forever!
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