Monday, December 23, 2013

Baby's Top 5 Today

1) He's jealous of other people being close to his 3 important persons; Mom, dad and Lolo. He's favorite though was my dad, his lolo, so he get jealous of me, too.
2) There's chocolate cake and kiat kiat on our table. We're oogling on the bake, he's oogling on the fruit. Thumbs up babe!
3) He's playing Shoot Bubble on dad's phone and he accidentally downloaded a basketball game! Guess what's lolo's favorite game app now?
4) Babe loves to kiss and to kiss and kiss. With a smack sound he would kiss and then suddenly he will bite. You'd been warned! :))
5) He loves his vitamins and always lean backwards like a good old dolphin because he wants more than what the doctor's prescription's dosage.

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