Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Prize from Hardy's Wines and Nuffnang Philippines

It really gets better with time! First off, thank you so much Nuffnang Philippines and Hardy's Wine Asia for choosing my blog entry as one of the consolation prize winner! :)
Finally, yesterday, we (hubby and babe) dropped by to their office to get the goodies! You know I'm a breastfeeding momma, so that Rustan's gift cheque is pretty much the center of my attraction! The box, it's all hubby's now! Hehe
The box contain assorted wines from Hardy's Stamp of Australia, Nottage Hill and VR (Varietal Range).
Shall we have a Hardy's wine pairing then?
Nottage Hill
Chardonnay – 7.7, full-bodied white wine with tropical fruit and melon flavors
Cabernet Shiraz – 8.0, medium dry red wine with a hint of ripe plum and dark berry
Shiraz – 8.3, dry red wine in classic Australian style
Stamp of Australia
Cabernet Merlot – 8.0, ripe berry and plum fruit with a soft, sweet vanillin oak hint
Chardonnay Semillion – 7.7, citrus fruit with subtle oak and crisp dry finish, perfect with seafood, white meats, mild cheeses and salads
Reisling Guwerztraminer – 6.5, fresh medium dry with citrus fruit, ideal for Asian cusine, white meats and antipasto
Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon – rich mulberry and cherry fruit with vanillin oak and soft finish, ideal for red meat, pasta dishes and matured cheese
Moscato – fresh, sweet with a gentle spritz. Summer fruits, aromatic and lively finish
Chardonnay – 7.7, fruity, medium bodied white. Melon and peach, perfect with pasta, seafood and chicken dishes
Merlot – 8.0, smooth, medium bodied red. Cherry, red currants and plums flavor with velvety tannins and toasty oak notes with a lingering finish
Shiraz – 8.0, soft, medium bodied red. Rich plum and ripe blackberry with a subtle black pepper and soft oak characters best suited with full flavoured dishes
Cabernet Sauvignon – 8.0, juicy, medium red. Rich and generous dark berry with vanillin oak and a linger finish best suited with full flavoured dishes
I'm not so into wine but I do buy a large Carlo Rossi in california red which is 13% alcohol or a Paul Mason in red which is 11%, I'm not quite sure about the exact amount of alcohols in it but it's definitely higher than 10%. Surprisingly, Hardy's wines are less than 10% (or atleast that's what I got) and this made me realize that these wines are for conversations, for socializing and for making great memories.
Again, thank you so much Nuffnang Philippines and Hardy's Wine Asia for my loot. <3 My dad and hubby will be having late night sessions for the rest of the week! :P

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