Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sola Swiss

Its so nice to see companies giving thanks to their loyal customers by way of raffles, redeeming points, collecting stickers and giving privilege card. As you've known on my previous posts, Market! Market! is like a home extension to our family and freelance business. This is where we usually meet with our clients, including architects and other affiliates, if we could help it.
Moving on, I had fun collecting tickets for the Sola Swiss Knives Collection! 1 stamp for every Php400.00 spent at the Metro Supermarket!
Sola Swiss manufacture knives to the highest standards, professionalism and service in the traditional Swiss touch. The blades, bolsters and handles are made of high-carbon stainless steel and has been precision taper-ground and hardened to give it superior performance and durability.
Kitchen Shear = 14 Stamps
Versatile kitchen helper with stainless steel sharp edge, synthetic handles and integrated bottle opener.
Regular price Php1,499.00
Paring Knife = 24 Stamps
Regular price Php1,999.00
100mm/4" long spickmesser
Slicing Knife = 30 Stamps
Regular price Php2,199.00
200mm/8" long spickmesser
All Sola Swiss Knives have one-year guarantee.
Knife Care:
- Sharpening little but often using a steel or whetstone.
- Wash with hot soapy water.
- Dry immediately.
Aside from the listed above, Sola Swiss Santoku Knife for Php2,599.00, Meat Chopper for Php2,999.00Chef Knife for Php2,599.00 and Knife Block for Php2,999.00
Thank you so much Market! Market! for these useful treats!

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