Monday, December 23, 2013

Mind Museum Special - Leonardo Da Vinci, The Father of Flight

Da Vinci - The Father of Flight
The first to get curious with the science of flying contraptions was Da Vinci. The art gallery was amazing to pull off this genius' sketch of the glider.
gerilen 287
Not just that, the museum showcase a life-size version of the glider!
gerilen 288
That sketch and life-size version of the glider is the grand grand father of our modern helicopters. They even go to the details of creating a life-size wing of a flying machine as seen on the picture below.
gerilen 301
gerilen 303
gerilen 284Artistic way to design a wing and support a flying machine.
A caricature of Macchina Volante
gerilen 300
Aside from the photos above, the mind museum also include a parachute, aerial screw and many more! This made my ambition to swim the sky more. Remembering my dream to be a pilot - or an aeronautics engineer at least. :) I always love reading books about flying. Now, I am more knowledgable on how "flying" the sky became not just a dream for humankind, but a normal everyday scene and experience.

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