Saturday, August 1, 2015

MBF: Hello August!

Today is the first day of August and it is a beautiful sunny Saturday or so they tell me...
My train of thoughts as always is not collected - random and very messy; to make things easier I will let this fart out fast and in bullets!
  • MBF - this is my latest blog scheme. <insert evil lolling and eye rolls here> Apparently, my brain farted this morning due to lack of sleep and I decided that I will do a random MBF once in awhile. Like farts, it could go like a deadly breeze without the deadly smell or like a silent killer with toxicity. Whatever. In short, MBF means Mum's Brain Fart. There. Just a thought of bubble that I badly need to burst out in the cyber world.
  • This is an example of my brain farting: Today is Saturday. Actually, ubos na ang kalahati ng Saturday! Yep, you may say that I just opened my eyes. I haven't got off of bed yet. Sabe kasi ni Jerson magtitimpla siya ng kape - I waited. It turns out, nagluto na siya ng lunch! Good morning! 11:55am pa lang naman. smile emoticon #newbornparents #instablog #tmi
  • MBF - like everything else in this wall is a non-formal writing, but this time it's tag-lish. Farts most of the time will be personal, like vlogging without the video. A snippet of our everyday lives.
  • Yup, there will be photos - quotes, stolen shots. But no, this is different from the Photo Blog. My photo blog usually consist of scenes from our travels.
I'm excited for August, for the rain. August is kind of unique, whimsical even.Unlike the ber-months, I felt that in August, odd things usually happens like once in a lifetime love - or maybe it's just me.

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