Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Nearest Lugawan in my Neighborhood is in OPENSNAP?

First off, I just had to tell you guys how awesome Opensnap can be! Can you believe it - the local eatery/(famous)landmark in our barangay is indeed, detected by this app with matching (accurate) picture pa? A for Effort! Raise the roof! (If you wanna see the photo - download the app, man.)
Apparently, I was really surprised! Akala ko mga pa-tutyal lang na restaurants ang andito; yun pala andito not just fast food but even eateries (which inspired me to write this post in Tag-Lish); it almost has everything! The point is, the app is so very much useful! (Redundant to emphasize!) This app-being really lives up to its purpose (to find food), most specially on local places that are new to you (hal. bagong-salta ka, o 'di kaya naligaw ka, your stomach is growling while your pocket is growling too). Very useful talaga siya! Akala mo kung ano lang, food house pala! Yay!


Okay, moving on...
In this typhoon weather, there is nothing else more exciting to do than eat something for the soul with a hashtag #foodforsoul. And, it's just oh-so-good to know that (at least in my area) lugaw (porridge in British, congee in Asian) is just around the corner (more like end of the street in my case)! The Tony & Precy Lugawan offers delicious lugaw in plain or with different toppings/ingredients like boiled egg, lomo (tenderloin), and tuwalya (pork intestines). They also offer mami (flour noodles in broth) and side dishes like tokwa (plain soybean curd), tokwa't babuy (soybean curd with sliced pork).
My gourmet photo attempt: Lomo
What's more is that they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - unless it's the 24th of December or the Holy Week.

Tip#1: Want more servings? Take it out! To go, or take away whatever sossy-word you wanna call it. In short, balot. Yes, ipabalot ang lugaw and sa bahay na kumain. Mas marami ang take out servings nila. Maybe it's because they wouldn't wash a dish when you take out? Or the dine-in bowl is smaller? Or the take-out plastic bag is bigger? IDK.

Tip#2: Don't forget to ask for condiments. Saraaap! #nomnom

Find the nearest eatery near you with OpenSnap!


PS. - This app could pass as subject for my #MBF episodes! (#thinkingoutloud)

PSS. - Just so you know, to find the nearest local food house around you. Download OpenSnap and tap "Nearby" button - that is where precious edible gems (food) are hidden.  Perfect for tourists who want to experience local food house too!

PSSS. - You could help this app map the local food scene near you, just by uploading pictures including food, interior and of course, selfie inside restaurant!

PSSSS. - This app is a great way to spread word about your eatery/carenderia/gotohan/tapahan whatever. (Kaway-kaway business owners!)
#sonearyetsofar will definitely become #sonearandsodelicious with additional hashtag #cravingssolved!

I end this post burping. (Yes, I ate that Lomo (photo above) while doing this. It's raining!)


For more restaurants and food finds, download OpenSnap app from App Store or Google Play.

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