Wednesday, August 26, 2015

OPENSNAP Bulgogi's Brothers Greenbelt 5

My mom's studying Hangul and eversince then, she started to embrace not just the language but the culture and in the process, she introduced us to it. From eating spicy kimchi, to making one, to eating paper seaweed, gulping Shabu-Shabu soup and so on. Did we love it? Personally not a fan of super spicy kimchi, but nonetheless yes, we did love it; from K-pop, to Koreanovelas and now, I'm currently finding myself craving for some seafood hot pot, spicy bowl of soup and the famous samgyeopsal!

What's most surprising about dining here is their uncommon appetizers/side dishes - the unlimited boiled sweet potatoes, sweet corn and quail eggs.
Unlimited salad screams healthy snacking.
And when you choke on a big mouthful of spicy kimchi - ask the staff for their Hot Bori cha aka Barley tea (that I first taught was a rice tea - taste delicious for someone who don't usually choose tea for drinks). Mind you, the tea is bottomless too.
My dates: Parents!
This is one good handful of fresh vegetables.
Hurray for eating healthy and still filling senses with savory dishes! Thank you Bulgogi Brothers!
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