Wednesday, August 26, 2015

OPENSNAP Tokyo! Tokyo!

Craving for California maki? Get your quick-fix at Tokyo Tokyo.
In here, Japanese dishes is served fast - Bento meals, Sumo meals, Ramen, Donburi, Maki including side dishes, snacks and desserts.
Tokyo Tokyo also offer meals good for two and unlimited rice. Wow! Just wow, for a fair price you'll get to enjoy more of your Japanese dish.
I personally love the Beef Misono, Chicken Karaage and all Teriyaki - chicken, beef.
Beef Sukiyakidon
Picture2 1143
Bento Meal: Beef Misono
Picture2 1144
Bento Meal: Honey Chicken Teriyaki
Picture2 1145
Grab a meal and add gyoza, miso soup, nori wasabe fries, potato balls, and onion rings. Add a dessert and end your Japanese experience in a sweet note, choose between mango panna cota or almond jelly.
Thank goodness for Tokyo Tokyo, everyday Japanese is now possible without hurting my Asian wallet!
Let OPENSNAP take you to Japan - Japanese dishes that is!
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