Tuesday, August 18, 2015

OPENSNAP Banapple, Market! Market!

Honestly, I came here for beef tapa.Banapple's beef tapa is sweet, tangy and served with egg omelet. I always ask for vinegar and pepper flakes to complement this protein-packed meal, and end the treat in a sweet note, be it a cool thirst quencher like Banana Choco Peanut or a slice of this cake.
Huge serving. Wide selection of pasta, all day Breakfast set, cakes and pastries. Banapple at Market Market also share space with Sandwicheese - which is a clever name for a sandwich brand/seller.
Back to Bannapple. Aside from their mouth-watering beef tapa, I also love these:
Baked creamy cheese penne - which is basically pasta dish with sauteed Hungarian sausage with white cheese sauce and grind meat

Banapple's Lasagna Roll Ups - herbed cream, parmesan cheeses in between lasagna strips, rolled up and smothered with tomato meat sauce and mozzarella cheese.
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