Friday, August 14, 2015

Just Roll it! - Online Board Game

The first time I heard of Just Roll It, I remember a famous Robin Williams' fiction movie, Jumanji. I wished I could get my hands on that wooden carved Jumanji board and outwit the game! I myself grew up playing board games; aside from Chess and Scrabble, we also love board games with dices like Millionaire's Game, Monopoly, especially Snake 'n Ladder - classic, nostalgic even. What's exciting about playing board games using dices is that aside from being easy to play, and everyone could join, the sole and central component of the game is a random device - a dice or two. Luck. Fate. Or destiny if you want to put it in a cheesier way. If the win's for you, it will be for you.
Now, thanks to technology, we could enjoy board games played online, just like this new online board game, Just Roll It! by GameClub!JRI-FB-cover-3
This board game features:
  • online interweb gaming
  • 4 multi-player or 2 in a team battle
  • colorful characters with special abilities
How to get started:
  • Check PC Requirement  
  • Download - download it for free on
  • Register - be part of GameClub online community by registering with your real identification
  • Quick Start/Create Own Room - choose Quick Start to play right away and join a room for free or create your own room for a more customized playing environment where you could get who you allow and restrict.
  • Character - select your character and choose special powers and luck capabilities. Make your characters stronger using e-coins that you could buy online and through experiences, level ups, lucky charms and special dices.
  • Play - watch the simple tutorial to keep your character ahead of the game
  • Win - strategize and wish for luck to win
  • Claim Your Prize? - Yes! Just by playing, you could get
Daily: Php 1,000.00 cash, Players could stand a chance to win Php1000.00 daily from Just Roll It! monthly prize pool of Php62,000.00!
Weekly: Php 5,000.oo cash
Monthly: 1 x Php 200,000 cash, 2 x Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, 2 x Samsung Galaxy S6

While you are up busy keeping your character strong while travelling worlds, strategically defeating opponents and building empires, you could also win on Just Roll It! special weekly and monthly raffles that will run for the course of the first 3 months.
The total prize pool? One million pesos!
Enjoy, play. Have fun monopolizing, win and receive rewards! Just don't get bankrupt or else you will lose your precious estates and well, it will be a game over.

Note that to be able to join for the daily, weekly and monthly raffle prizes, players should click on "Play More! Win More!"Just-Roll-It-FB-Ads-6
  • Watch this pogi, Ramon Bautista introduce Just Roll It! on this quirky video!

If you learned to be strategically wise through playing Monopoly, then Just Roll It! by GameClub would be easy peasy, and more intriguing as it has more twists and turns. Ahh, I bet this online board game craze is so addicting, it will make you go cray cray!
For updates and list of winners, visit the Just Roll It! on Official Facebook page or on their website -

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