Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dave's Funhouse, Market Market

Clyde's first day of trial preschool at Preschool at the Fort is not a total success. He did have fun but his social skill needs improvement very badly. It's partially my fault like I said here, because we stay at home alone most of the time and when we're out, he usually plays with an adult - hello fellow engineers and architects! Having said that, we need to help him out on his social skills, and I suggest that we could start by letting him play outside. So far the best way we could come up with is by letting him play on fun houses like Dave's albeit expensive.
This Dave's Funhouse was located at the 3rd floor of Market! Market! This playhouse was quite small compared to others which we prefer -  manageable, easy to guard. The entire house was well-lit and the mini roofs are dainty with the name of their establishments. I love these small ceilings and the detailed corners.
There are at least 3 staff attending the kids and 1 at the counter who attend on kids too whenever the counter is free. What's more comforting other than Clyde will have so much fun in here, is that it is the staff are friendly with long patience on kids that are good in making tantrums when the time ran out and that the children are secured. They have a state-of-the-art security when it comes to collecting your kid. The adult whose fingerprint was used to enter the child must also be the adult to get him. Here are some of the evidences that Clyde had so much fun.
on bike
Clyde inside Biggy's supermarket
He is serious on choosing which banana to get. Must be ripe and yellow.
At the Check Out Counter
Giving out dine in order
Tita Beth's orders. Really Tita Beth? How healthier can you get? :P (there you go, if you're asking who's inside with him)
Clyde inside the mini house. That watermelon looks juicy! now you're learning his favorites!
The kitchen is a mess! A big mess!
I really want him to share his toys and play around with other kids. Sometimes he makes ice cream and give it to a random kid nearby and on the other, he and another kid's tugging on a cookie in spite of other cookies in the playroom. Sigh. I still let him be, he is only three. I'm praying and hoping he'll grow out of it. I think he'll outgrow it. Is he a certified spoiled brat or just have a spoiled behavior? I think it's the latter. There are times that what he is having should be present to everyone else's hand - like a stick-o, or a grape. And he will not leave you alone until you bite or chew what he has given you, according to friends and family.
Back to Dave's, I think it is a safe place for socializing. You could leave your kids there while you shop and it's nice to know that Dave's has a secured high-tech way of releasing kids. Next time, he is keen on trying out Kevin's Toy and Library. I think he won't be disappointed. :P

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