Saturday, August 15, 2015

OPENSNAP Mini Shabu Shabu, Bonifacio High Street

This Mini Shabu Shabu at the Bonifacio High Street is the nearest hot-pot restaurant in my area that I could just drag myself and the boys to have some hot broth! This is also a healthy place to eat if you are health conscious as they offer fresh dishes.
Huge ceiling. Well lit. Modern Interior.
Huge heavy-duty tables include stoves with a hidden place for a pot - they offer individual hot-pot. If you want to drown yourself into the broth like my breastfeeding self (TMI, I know!) then you just have to ask the staff to add some broth on your pot!
Quench your thirst with healthy this delicious sweet-sour kiwi juice. They also offer fresh buko juice. You could ask to cut the husk into two so you could eat the coconut meat too.
Aside from all seafood hot-pot, I also go here for this Gyudon tenderloin beef (Php 275.00)
and this Yakiniku Don (Php 265.00)
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