Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cerelac – providing nutrition for babies from farm to tummy in the past 150 years!

On the road, Dave’s eyes finally gave in. He fell asleep in my arms – contented and happy. He just had a bowl of Cerelac in wheat, banana and milk, flushed down the throat by tapping his fast food since birth – breastmilk.
This is my second time to breastfeed. I am a proud six-month exclusive breastfeeding momma for both of my little gentlemen, because it's my choice, the circumstances allow me and I personally love the chance to bond with my children in this unique and very natural way. Clyde self wean at age 3 and boy, it was bittersweet. Now, I am dedicated to do just the same - let Dave breastfeed until he self-wean, this is how extensive I would go for breastfeeding, the BEST way to nourish our youngs.
My baby Dave turned 1 year old this 12th and it's a national holiday - the Independence Day of the Philippines. We got through the six-month ebf phase and we are transitioning to solid food smoothly - no food allergies and reactions so far. I am a wahm, we are always on the go and I want the best for Dave,but no, I couldn't always afford to juiced or smashed real fruits and vegetables all the time and for that, I thank Cerelac.
Me and the boys head over to BGC last Monday for a celebration – 150 years of Cerelac! The event was held at Earth Kitchen and the crowd were composed of mommy bloggers and of course, the apple of our eyes, our babies!
The event was graced by Nestle Head of Corporate Communications and Consumer Services, Madam Aurora Alipao; Pediatrician and Diplomate of the Philippines Pediatric Society, Dr. Celeste Gomez; and was hosted by baby mama, Delamar Arias.
We busted myth about baby’s first solid with invited speaker, Dr. Celeste Gomez – Pediatrician and Diplomate of the Philippines Pediatric Society.
When do you start feeding baby solid food?
In 4 months, babies are already showing interest not just to colorful objects but to food as well. They also have improvement in controlling their neck, starts to grab things but still, it would be too early.
9 months would be too late as milk can no longer give baby the proper nutrients it needs, be it breastmilk or bottlemilk.
So when is the right time to introduce solids? In sixth month!
6month old babies have good trunk control hence can sit upright with support, and already had the tongue-thrust reflex fading. 6th month is the development appropriate month to introduce milk since this is also when breastmilk cannot keep up with the additional nutritional requirements of the body. This is also the right time to test and improve the microbiome gut for a healthy immune system.
What kind of food should we give?
Start of with 1 kind of food (smashed, juiced, watered down) then if no reaction (most likely 2-3days), you can now move on to mixed vegetables, meat and rice cereals.
We  drove down the history lane - about the history and birth of Cerelac, hundred and fifty years ago. It all started in 1867,  Nestlé has been applying its nutrition expertise in the development of products that contribute to the health and wellness of consumers, evolving into the world’s foremost Nutrition, Health and Wellness company including Cerelac! Headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland, Nestlé currently give people job for their factories and operations in almost every country around the globe.
Spot the toddler.
Mama Ellen and Kuya Clyde, a certified Cerelac baby!
Baby Dave playing with Mommy Adae's darling, Ate Abi.
"Good Food, Good Life" is the foundational philosophy upon which Nestlé continues to build an ever-increasing portfolio of quality brands that not only deliver on great taste, but on nutritional value as well.
Today, we are blessed to have this convenient we call baby food – Cerelac. It is important to give our babies the contemporary food that they need from real food, but what about Cerelac?
Cerelac is made with baby grade ingredients, nutrition and quality. New and improved Cerelac has Iron plus Bifidus, zinc, vitamins a, c, and b1, omega 3 and iodine. A bowl of Cerelac a day can provide half of baby’s iron need.
Oat Grains, Rice Grains, Red Rice Grains, Soya Beans, Wheat Grains, Mung Beans, Skimmed Milk, Date Crunchies, Orange Powder, Pumpkin Flakes, Banana Flakes, Spinach Flakes, Onion Flakes
From farms, Nestle carefully select ingredients which meet strict requirements on food safety norms which includes level of pesticides, chemical contaminants and microbiological contaminants. They have at least 100 controls and checks along the entire process to guarantee safety and quality of the baby food. Good to know, Cerelac has no added preservatives, no artificial color, only pure goodness. CERELAC also comes in seven exciting flavors to help make mealtimes more nutritious and extra special- I add different ingredients too like scraps of bananas, malunggay crispies and even Arla! With no preservatives and packed with all the vitamins and minerals, Dave will surely grow big and strong!
Moms, now we can be sure that with every spoonful of CERELAC comes pure goodness, pure nourishment, and pure love. #asnaturalasamotherslobe
Cerelac provides big nutrition to small tummies – alert, active and full of energy!

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