Monday, June 27, 2016


It’s been a week since I received this beautiful gift from the Bellas behind (kaway kaway mga Bellas, thank you for being oh-so-generous!) and I must say, my first impression lasts up to this very moment.

The Unboxing

The gift I received comes in a small sturdy pink box. Inside was a welcome card, an introduction to Olay Skin Whitening Bar and the box of Olay – all feminine, in its pink glory with a hint of aromatic fragrant rose.

The Beauty Bar

The Olay Skin Whitening Bar was preferred by 8 out of 10 women when it comes to whitening their skin from first use. It was also tested on a sliced apple. 15 minutes of applying soap, Olay kept the flesh from darkening while other leading drugstore brand containing Kojic Acid gone dark right away.
Olay skin whitening bar is formulated with key ingredients from its Olay natural white rich all in one fairness day cream and has rose extract made from Egyptian Rosa Canina flower petals.

The First Wash

Here are my before and after photos:
I use the same lighting and setting to keep authenticity.

I, despite of millions things-to-do (that I slowly but steadily ticked off, thanks to my Belle de Jour Power Planner) wants to make beautiful things happen by celebrating my unique beauty, including my kilays with puyo.

Today, I declared myself beautiful. I'm uniquely beautiful in my own self and I want to celebrate it and be #BellaBeautiful! Live life to the fullest with the all-new Olay Skin Whitening Bar! I heard it's best paired with Olay Natural White Rich all in one fairness day cream.

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