Tuesday, June 7, 2016

TagCash, Tag77, TagBond


Tagcash is an online payment and rewards website. It handles online transactions, online wallets, online communities and membership along with loyalty points.

Tagcash makes online transactions easier and better because of its companion websites inside the Tagnetwork.

You can load up your Tagcash account with 7/11 or with their partnered banks. Check their website to see the full list of their partnered banks.

Miskio is the companion social app of Tagcash. Why social? It focuses on user to applications such as chat and physical authentication of online transactions.

It also handles posting of Tagverts. Tagverts are online adverts of the products/items that user is selling.

Miskio is currently for Android phones with NFC readers.

You can get the app in Google play.



Tag77 is online events hub where users can book, share and pay for upcoming events. built inside the Tag Network, Tag77 is linked with Tagcash, TagBands (NFC Embedded wearable technology) and Miskio.

Tagcash acts as the payment gateway for the events. It also handles community building and digital wallets.

The TagBand are NFC enabled wristbands that can store the account of a user. The bands can store the tickets along with the digital wallets.

Miskio acts as the companion app of the Tag network. With a quick tap from the band and the transaction/authentication/verification is complete, plain and simple.The app is currently for android devices with NFC enabled technology.

With the Tag Network, Tag77 makes events better, faster and more fun.



Tag bands are stylish bracelets embedded with RFID technology that is linked to your personal Tagcash account. Tagbonds can serve as an Entry Access in your events. This can help your guests to carry tickets and money in one I.D.

They also offer customizable NFC cards and stickers. The NFC cards can act as personal account cards similar to a cash card to debit card or access cards similar to tickets and vip access.

The NFC stickers can be used as an advertising tool for presence and marketing. Scanning the stickers can redirect the user to owner of the stickers -making it modern and cool.

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