Monday, June 13, 2016

Mommy Mundo Expo Find: MommyTreats

As a self-proclaimed breastfeeding advocate, I constantly look for things that would help me on carrying out my decision to breastfeed my infant until he self weaned – that includes researching about fun breastfeeding facts, the hand-expressed milk method (because I'm one of those breastfeeding moms who hates to pump!), the do's and don'ts, and finally, the must-eat to make sure my milk supply is at its prime - quality and quantity.

And then I bump into this.

Mommy Treats Chocolate Chip Cookie
MommyTreats tagline – help increase your milk supply the yummy way!
I’ve been seeing online stores selling prenatal and lactating cookies that claims to increase milk production if matched with frequent feeding, and finally I've been able to taste some during the last Mommy Mundo Expo Mom. Their booth is one of my favorites!

Cookies comes in this water-resistant, air-tight sealed bags to keep it fresh. When stored properly, these baked goods can last for up to 2 weeks in room temperature, a month in refrigerator and 2 months inside the freezer - but I doubt it would last that long in my kitchen, there's a cookie monster living inside me! Haha Can you guess why I only have one photo of the cookie, may kagat pa. The brownies - gone like the wind.
The 3-day trial pack includes 2 chocolate chip, 2 white chocolate chip and 2 raisin cookies. 2 cookies to be consumed per day, these treats are calorie-controlled with a maximum of 150 calories per pack, which aims to increase your milk production but not your weight! I just can't wait for the next day kasi gusto ko na siya kainin! Insanely addicting! The brownies are soft, not too sweet and fudgy - it reminds me of KFC's brownie (my favorite)!
Breastfeeding mom's sacrifice a lot - including time and beauty (pumping during work breaks instead of having a nap, rush sa loo when the baby is wanting milk na and you still didn't let your hair absorb the conditioner kung nagkatime ka pa to put the conditioner in the first place - based on true story, sorry not sorry!) and having these MommyTreats made my giddy excited! It won't make you feel guilty of eating cookies (usually kapag wolfing down, este munching on cookies - guilty agad agad because of calorie, too sugary, etc,.) it will actually make you feel good about yourself - it tastes divine and it's for the baby! What more can you ask for!

MommyTreats All-Natural Milk Boosting Ingredients: Brewer's Yeasts, Flaxseed, Fenugreek, Rolled Oats and Chia Seeds
How these delectable baked goods could make a boost on your liquid gold? They are made in non-pharmaceutical galactagogues (milk-increasing ingredients) including Fenugreek, Brewer’s Yeast, Flaxseed and Rolled Oats! These lactation cookies also contain prenatal treats such as Folate-rich Wheat Germ and superfood Chia Seeds!
As-of-date Price List:
Natuwa talaga ako dahil very personalized ang bawat @mommymundo #mindfulmomretreat bags. May name tag pa talaga, feeling ko inisa-isa kame ng #mommymundo staff to cater our current needs.. and while scrounging mine, my eyes popped, heart skipped a beat, jaws dropped and mouth watered with this truly scrumptious, nakaka-addict @mommytreats! Ang babaw lang ng happiness? Hormones overdrive ba 'to? Or its just that this is where I'm really good at?! (Eating 😂)But for the meantime, I'll be munching a cookie (SLOWLY, ninanamnam ang bawat chia seed) with a hot lychee tea! Para approved kay Maam @michelealignay! 😄😊 More kwento about this amazing must-have mom experience (#mindfulmomretreat) soon on the blog!
PS. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, MommyTreats will gladly personalize your order! MommyTreats really is a treat, right?

Contact MommyTreats: (0917) 792-3432
MommyTreats Official Website:

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