Friday, June 10, 2016

#ThisisHowYouNanay with Eden Cheese!

Once, I saw Clyde eating Eden Cheese out of its box, foil and all like a chocolate bar…
Last month, we had the honor to meet the latest Eden Cheese star – Mommy Star! The event was held at 25 Mushroom Kitchen inside Valle Verde and was hosted by First-Time mom Gelli Victor.

One of the things I like about Mommy Star, Rhederlee Orjaliza in real life, is that she’s perky, always game and will pick you up when your mood's not-so-good because she has such a high energy giving force – mind you it’s always a positive vibe! As a hands-on single parent, Mommy Star loves to share her random mommy hacks and tips on her Vlog and one of the things she rave about is none other than the delectable dishes she cooks for her unica ija, Mariam! Guess what made Mariam simut the food on her plate – Eden Cheese!
The event was started with a question for audience - "What's one of the hardest part of being a first time mom?"
My sister, Beth - a first time mom said that one of the things she's struggling with are the sleepless night while exclusively breastfeeding her son. Check her out here: #JamielElizabethPh and on
The event highlight - a cooking demo led by Mommy Star together with her kitchen sidekick Tito Edwin! They demonstrated the breezy way on  how to make fried Tilapia incredibly luscious - by adding Eden Cheese! While cooking, Mommy Gelli asked random questions to Mommy Star - and she answered all of them bibo-ly! One of the things I learned about Mommy Star is that she is raised on a happy environment as well by her Mommy Erlie.
Mommy Star's tilapia tip no 1 - Don't sprinkle salt, rub it in!
Mommy Star's tilapia tip no 2 - Slice the stomach and fill it in with sliced Eden Cheese!
PS. Cook plenty of rice! :P
Pak na pak sa mga picky eaters ang homemade recipes that Mommy Star shared on her blog!
Mondelez Philippines’ Eden Cheese can amazingly turn a boring ordinary dish into something that is extraordinarily scrumptious! With its tagline “Cheese anything!” - sliced, diced, melted, whatever  form in whatever dish, Eden Cheese can truly bring a picky eater to not just munch, but wolf down a full meal!
Photo (C) #JamielElizabethPH
I'll end this post with Assistant brand manager for Eden Cheese Philippines, Ms Nikki Paras conclusion: “Eden is actually inspired by regular moms. We want to show them that they can make their cooking more extraordinary through the simple addition of Eden Cheese. We recognize the everyday efforts of moms in taking care of their families and that’s why we got Mommy Star, a regular but passionate mother who also has a social media following. We feel that her posts on social media engage the community. She is a vision of inspiration for all the moms out there and that they, too, can also be like Mommy Star.”

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